Finally! A blog!

Hi everyone. Yes. I finally did it. I created a blog to talk about my life. I’m nervous and at the same time excited to talk about my life and hope to share many exciting things over time. I have been threatening to do it for a very long time!

So I’m looking forward sharing my life and journey as I am starting my challenge this coming Monday with the original Body for Life.  What’s laying ahead? No idea… I’m a little scared of getting started. Things still feel overwhelming and I need to still find a moment to wrap my head around it.  But with the help of a few really good friends, I am hoping to come out the other side smiling.  Hey, I have nothing to lose. Well the weight maybe. No not maybe, for sure!

More about Body for Life later.  It’s a pity its no longer officially supported in South Africa, but it’s still a really good training and eating program to get started with.  As I’m making progress I will publish my training and diet info.

So… for now… Looking forward to get going! For the meanwhile, here’s a short background about me.